Conference Venues


How to get there

"Kleiner Hörsaal" (small lecture theatre) is located in "Hörsaalgebäude" (lecture theatre building - HS on the campus map). While you can enter "Mehrzweckhochhaus" (multi purpose building - an eight-story-building impossible to miss) MZH directly from "Bibliothekstraße" (either through the delivery entrance on street level or using the main entrance one level up) you get to "Hörsaalgebäude" best by first entering the university's central glass foyer from "Bibliothekstraße"; then go a couple of steps up within the foyer, leave it and turn to the right. Follow the CatMAT2000 pointers.

"Bibliothekstraße" goes off "Universitätsallee" next to the busstop "Universität - Naturwissenschaften 1 (NW 1)". The tramstop "Universität - Zentralbereich" is in "Bibliothekstraße" in front of the foyer/MZH.

If arriving by car use the university's central parking lot at "Universitätsallee", which has its entrance from "Enrique-Schmidt-Straße" just off "Universitätsallee" (Have DM 1,10 in change ready). Leave the parking lot in the direction opposite to its entrance and you end up on "Bibliothekstraße".

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