Contributed Talks:

Anthony BakDimension theory and group valued functors
Artur BarkhudaryanEndofunctors of Set
Lamar BentleyUsing prime closed filters yields a functorial compactification
Rolf D. Brandtcat and top thinking for industrial solutions
Guillaume BrümmerThe asymmetric or bitopological monads in TOP revisited
Reinhard BörgerFree vector lattices
Gabriele CastelliniDisconnectedness with respect to a closure operator.
Maria Manuel ClementinoTriquotient maps versus ultrafilter convergence
Eva ColebundersNon-additive closures and function spaces
Marcel ErnéA non-tantalizing approach to tantalic equations
Roman Fric$MV$-Algebras: Convergence and Duality
Christopher GilmourOz revisited
Eraldo GiuliCompact Algebraic Objects
Marek GolasinskiCategorical methods in the equivariant rationalhomotopy theory
Werner GählerExtension structures and compactifications
Keith HardieA non-Hausdorff quaternion multiplication.
Ulrich HoehleBoolean valued topologies and Minlos Theorem
Dirk HofmannUltrarelational spaces and triquotient maps
David HolgateAbsolutely closed objects in a category
Sung Sa HongStrict extensions in pointfree topology
Heinrich KleisliOn the *-autonomous category chu(Ab, R/Z)
Juergen KoslowskiPoly-bicategories
Erwin KronheimerThe 7 categories of totally ordered topological spaces
Fred E.J. LintonBeyond Eilenberg´s Structures on Objects
Harriet LordMonotone-Light Factorizations and the Surface Area Problem
Michael MegrelishviliGroupoid preactions by partial homeomorphisms and homogenizations
Kyung Chan MinA fibrewise theory in convenient categories
Frédéric MynardCoreflectively modified duality in convergences and convergence approach spaces
Mark NauwelaertsSome cartesian closed topological hulls in approach theory.
Jorge PicadoA Galois approach to uniform structures
Gerhard PreußThe role of nearness in Convenient Topology
Ales PultrMonadic Representation of Scott Information Systems
Josue RemediosEquivariant Action of the Generalized Homotopy Group
Günther RichterOn a Characterization of Haus
Rolf RotherUniversal Quotients of Functors
Anneliese SchauerteBiframe convergence
Lutz SchröderMonads on Composition Graphs
Joachim SchröderOn some problems in submaximal spaces
Mark Sioen(Symmetric) Monoidal Closed Structures in Approach Theory
Josef SlapalCompactness in categories with convergence structures
Alexander SostakOn some fuzzy categories related to the category of L-topological spaces
Lurdes SousaOn the pullback stability of a quotient map with respect to a closure operator
Luciano StramacciaOn Shape and Strong Shape Equivalences
Anna TozziReconstruction of Topology from Lattice Data
Stijn VerwulgenApproach Vector Spaces
Enrico VitaleOn the exact sequence associated to a fibration of 2-groupoids
Dexue ZhangSobriety in Fuzzy Topology